“Vrachos”: With a wonderful view and unique flavors… from Smyrna

In the area of Krini, in front of the sea

It is sunny and a cool breeze married with the saltiness of the sea invites you to a beautiful excursion for ouzo, tsipouro, wine, fish, seafood and delicious fish snacks. The destination is one and it is called “Vrachos”. In the area of Krini, on a rock with three beautiful successive terraces overlooking the sea and with bougainvillea beautifying the scenery, you will find this historical and favorite restaurant of Thessalonians and beyond.

It was in 1932 when the great-grandfather of the Christodoulou family came as a refugee from Smyrna and opened the first cafe-restaurant that served the fresh flavors of Thermaikos in the spot he fell in love with at first sight. Then the years passed and now in “Vrachos” the successor situation passed into the hands of the fourth generation, which still maintains the style, quality, recipes from Smyrna and their deliciousness unchanged.

Fresh, fine fish and organic Baczevani

With many years of experience in fish and seafood, the Christodoulou family knows how to choose the best of the Greek sea and the Greek land, in order to serve traditional, authentic flavors of unsurpassed deliciousness.

The freshest fish, small and large, always in season, are supplied by their own producers, fishermen who have now become permanent partners. And this is done every day, so every day the fish is different, the variety is great and freshness is a given. The fish is traditionally grilled over charcoal with mastery, thus keeping it juicy and tasty.

The specialty at “Vrachos” could not be other than the fresh fish of the day. It is ideally accompanied by the organic salads recommended by “Vrachos”, with Baczevans that also come from their own producers.

Heritage recipes from Smyrna

The mussels, steamed or saganaki, which are cooked with great-grandmother’s recipes from Smyrna, also deserve a special mention. As well as many other dishes you will find on the menu.

Of course, the shrimp pasta also deserves your attention, which really smells of the sea and its sauce fills you up with deliciousness.

The ointments are also homemade, the salted fish everything you need for a meze, most of them with a homemade recipe.

And let’s go to the appetizers, which are excellent appetizers and a great start to whet the appetite for what’s to come.

Dolmades, pumpkin blossoms stuffed with rice, freshly hand-cut fries, garlic meatballs and an interesting variety of cheeses are just a few to get you started.

And if the Vrachos has been taken over by the new generation, the tastes of mom Dimitra are still behind all the dishes. Because every generation that passed through the place, left its own precious – and certainly very tasty – stone.

Of course, the passion is not only limited to the kitchen, but you can also find it in the cellar of this traditional seafood restaurant, which has a large wine list (white, rosé and red) as well as many labels of ouzo, tsipouro and beer.

Tip: Ask about the fish of the day and the friendly staff will show you your always fresh options.